The Avanti 3015 is our basic display station with a 2-line by 20-character display. The Avanti 3015 provides 19 programmable buttons along with 7 fixed keys, 3 soft keys and DSS/BLF functions that make it easy to use. Available in 3 models: 3015DF (Full Duplex Speaker Phone), 3015DH (Half Duplex Speaker Phone) and 3015H (Half Duplex Speaker
Phone without the display).

2-line, 20-character Display –

19 Programmable Buttons for CO line –

DSS/BLF, Speed Dial –

3 Softkeys –

Available with Full or Half Duplex –

Speaker Phone (3015DF or 3015DH) –

Available without Display (3015H) –

Telrad 3015