Intranet Communication Server

VegaIP is a communications platform for enterprises. Focusing on e-mail, collaborative tools as well as providing a firewall and a proxy for accessing the Internet, this system provides your company a secure and fully integrated communication experience. In fact, it is a high performance solution that enables the fastest and simplest installation, and configuration; coupled with an enterprise level disaster recovery. This provides a solution with a record breaking low Total Cost of Ownership.

 Collaborative Tools- Email – SMTP, IMAP and POP protocols

    Address Book


 File server- Individual and group work areas

 Domain Server and Network Support Services

  LDAP Protocol

  Integration with Active Directory

  Radius Server

  DHCP Protocol

  DNS Protocol

 Printer Server

 Database Server

 Data Security- Work Area Backup Service

  Pre-installed Anti-Virus for Email and Work Areas

  Pre-installed Anti-Spam

 Business Applications Support- Backup – Bacula | SEP sesam

CRM – SugarCRM | Better.CRM

Education – Moodle

EDM  – iPortalDoc

ERP – OpenERP | Gestix | Better.BIZ

Groupware – EGroupware | DotProject | Open-Xchange | Zarafa

Monitoring – Nagios | ntop

Trouble Ticket System – iPTicket

 Video Surveillance – ZoneMinder

VMware Server- Possibility of having simultaneous sessions in different Operating Systems running in the VMware server. This server installs on VegaIP as an application and divides the physical server in many virtual machines.

 Email– Mail Relay – SMTP, IMAP and POP protocols, WebMail
Fax 2 Mail – Mail 2 Fax

 Telephony Services- VoIP Gateway


  SIP Proxy

 Web Services- Web Server – HTTP and HTTPS protocols


 HTTP/FTP Proxy and Cache

Instant Messaging- WebChat

Instant Messaging Server

 Communications Security- Firewall

  VPN Server – SSL, IPSec and PPTP protocols

  IDS (Intrusion Detection System)

  Pre-installed Anti-Virus for Email and Proxy

  Pre-installed Anti-Spam