Firewall / VPN

When you ask us why security is important to your company, we say: Because it is the best way to save money! Actually, once you have invested in ICT equipment and in a complete infrastructure of Intranet and Communications, you do not want to jeopardize that investment. Because a malicious attack to your network means working time lost, data loss and… Money loss!

Therefore, security is one of the biggest worries in the companies. And VegaIP is one big solution for those worries. Our technology covers a secure remotely access to servers (by a VPN connection), the protection of the Intranet and the safety in the Internet.

VegaIP  security solutions features pre-installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam for Email and Work Areas, HTTP/FTP Proxy and Cache, Firewall and IDS (Intrusion Detection System), embodying the ideal solution for .your security mains requests